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Hi! Welcome to  Our mission is to advocate for the consumer, while sharing  discount, promo's , sales, et

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HGi everyonew! I recently learned a new way to save money on nflying costs. And I mean savings beyon

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Hello! Thank you for visiting thriftymompawn. I'm Annie and thriftymompawn is my creation. It's our mission to offer discount electronics a well as an atmosphere of community and solidarity online.  Technology's exploded, which is great, but the cost has been tremendous; a drastic reduction of personal interaction.  Today, all you have to do is ask Suri or tell Alexa to find or do whatever you want. We're  drifting apart from each other & it's too easy to live in one's delusional reality bubble.


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This is a new site, what we're attempting is unique and if it works, it +1  for the little guy . We strive to make this country and enterprise about  uplifting PEOPLE, not corporations. 

Seen the Terminator movies? Think of us as  the resistance to Skynet 🤢   

kust kidding! It isn't that serious YET, but these big corporations are diversifying into multiple markets:  online marketplaces now produce movies ,  have their own shipping services, and have expanded to every profitable market there is.  And it's not just the online marketplaces; companies that  revolutionized the taxi service industry now deliver food, and   mail packages. Large Grocery chains deliver food, and price items at prices the local grocery store can't possibly compete with. That is what's happening NOW. Our goal is to promote the  corner grocery store and the local delivery company. 

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Hi! Thanks so much for visiting our site.  I am Annie, a career RN  and mother who loves saving money. I believe most women  AND men my age (late teens to the 70's) have tried online shopping. Since coupons are a thing of the past, today's busy person would enjoy a site with already modest prices, refurbished electronics that look almost new but cost up to 50% less, that promoted discounts, coupons and rebates available for that product.  I want to feel like a second  family for our users. With ecommerce and the digital age exploding, it's become more difficult to connect with others. Here at thriftymompawn, I want to promote fraternity, solidarity and remind  our users that we are all one human family. Not only do we want to  offer low prices, but we also  encourage our users to share their knowledge of promos, coiu[ons and rebates , even if that means buying from another site (i'll probably check it out too). Thi site will host a blog that showcases new and emerging  business (the usually have awesome intro deals!) give tips on how to save money, be resourceful , and just interact  and share.  At least once a week we'll have a new blog post. We encourage guest bloggers  to submit their blog to be posted if they have something to say.  So again, thank you for checking us out and I hope to see you return. Much love! Annie


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